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Wireless Lighting Control

A standard lighting system in any home consumes a lot of energy and accounts to high bills every month. Replacing your existing lightest with energy efficient products is one way to bring down your bills, but this still does not result in substantial savings.

A much better strategy is to install a wireless lighting control system which will allow you to consume only a limited amount of energy. Contact us at (714) 450-0277 to find out how wireless lighting control systems can help you save energy.

What is a wireless control system?

A wireless lighting control system delivers the amount of light which you need, when you need, and where you need. The system will turn your lights on or switch them off. Lights can even be dimmed at specific times or under specific conditions. And all this is done without any wiring.

In a traditional lighting control system, the initial costs and the complexity of the resulting system were huge concerns. Wireless systems have addressed these issues by eliminating wiring through networking technology. Thus, these systems are more flexible, reliable and scalable, while being easy to install at a lesser cost.

What does a standard wireless lighting control system include?

  • On-off and dimming control

  • Occupancy sensors which detect if there is someone in a room or not

  • Photo sensors which detect the illumination level of sunlight and artificial light

  • Scheduling timers

  • A centralized control interface which is usually a panel, mounted on a wall or a computer software

How does wireless lighting control work?


A wireless control system gives out all commands through a system of sensors, switches and LED drivers which are connected to every light fixture. The controller of the system uses an antenna for communicating with the connected devices.

Generally, a wireless lighting control system is organized using the ‘mesh’ architecture, which implies that every network device can communicate with the control through two pathways and can also relay messages for neighboring devices. This mesh architecture is what makes a wireless lighting control system reliable and robust.

What benefits will you get?

Wireless lighting control systems can reduce your bills as 70%. Smart Power Electric can help install one in your home. Give us a call at (714) 450-0277  for more information.

Cost savings are the biggest of all benefits which can be as high a 70% of what you currently spend on energy right now. Plus, you may get to enjoy tax advantages, which can bring down your taxes as well, thereby allowing you to save more money.

Other than this, wireless control systems are reliable and scalable, while also giving you a complete performance of your lighting system.

How can Smart Power Electric help you out?

We are experts when it comes to designing and installing wireless control systems and have been serving Southern California for years. Our skilled team will assess your current system and accordingly suggest a solution, which will allow you to enjoy significant cost savings.

Take the first step towards efficient energy consumption by reaching out to us.
(714) 450-0277 now!

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