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Motion Sensor Lighting

Efficiency and security are the biggest concerns of any homeowner. One primary aim is to reduce energy costs as much as possible and the second is to make the property extremely secure.
Motion sensor lighting is one solution that helps you with both these objectives.


Smart Power Electric is a reputed electrician in Southern California, offering an array of services, which includes motion sensor lighting. Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you decrease your energy consumption and bills.

What Is Motion Sensor Lighting?

As the name suggests, motion sensor lights are those that turn on automatically when even a slight motion is detected. Thus, when you pull your car in the driveway, motion sensor lights will switch on and illuminate the entire area. Similarly, when a neighbor or a guest visits you, all the lights will switch on automatically.

You can set up motion sensor lights in any location that you want. Generally, they are installed near garages, front doors, back doors, and other areas where there is more traffic or a greater need for illumination.

If you are interested in installing motion sensor lighting, call us at (714) 450-0277.
We will suggest suitable locations and fixtures for you, and install an appropriate system as per your desires.


How Does Motion Sensor Lighting Work?

Motion sensor lights are small electronic detectors that can detect the infrared rays emitted by moving objects. If these rays move across the field of a detector, it will cause the light to turn on. The light stays on for any number of minutes, depending on the settings of your timer. A motion detector also features a photocell which deactivates the light when it is daytime.

A typical motion senor light has a semicircular field of around 240 degrees, whereas the distance range is more than 70 ft.

What Benefits Are Offered By Motion Lighting Sensors?


Reducing your energy consumption

Motion sensors are an efficient solution for decreasing your electric bills. They operate only when you need light, ensuring that minimum energy is consumed.

Increasing the safety of your property

A motion sensor light turns on whenever there is a person or car nearby, illuminating the entire area suddenly. If lurking thieves or robbers try to gain an entry into your home, the sudden light will surprise them and put them off.

And even when you walk down the driveway, the area will be well lit up, allowing you to see everything clearly and thus preventing accidents.

So stop wasting energy and save more money! Find out more benefits of motion sensor lighting by giving us a call at (714) 450-0277.

How Can We Help You?

Smart Power Electric comprises of an extremely skilled team with complete knowledge and training. All our technicians are licensed and experienced, and will install your preferred lighting solution in a safe and secure manner.

Start decreasing your energy costs by reaching out to us. Dial (714) 450-0277 now!

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