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Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are an essential component for any backup generator system. They ensure a seamless transition from the grid to generator power during an outage while preventing dangerous back-feeding.

At Smart Power Electric, we offer expert installation, repair, and maintenance services for all types of transfer switches. Our experienced electricians can help you select the right switch for your needs and install it near your electrical meter for convenience and ease of use.

Don't put your home or business at risk with a faulty transfer switch installation.

Trust the professionals at
Smart Power Electric to handle all of your transfer switch needs.
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Types of Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switches

Used for both powering portable or standby generators, manual switches are hardwired to the control panel. Whenever there is a power outage, you will have to turn on and turn off this switch by yourself.

Automatic Transfer Switches

As the name implies, this switch turns on the generator automatically when the line voltage falls down. Once power is restored, the generator is turned off.
Automatic transfer switches are mostly used with standby generators. They can be used with portable generators only if an electrical starter is featured.


We will first evaluate your generator unit, and accordingly decide which of the above two options is more suitable for you. Find out our opinion by placing a call at (714) 450-0277.

Available Options

Pre-wired transfer switches

A pre-wired transfer switch is equipped with all the wiring needed for connecting it to the main panel. The only thing which has to be done is to wire the switch to the breakers which represent the circuits you want to power.

Inlet box

The inlet box is wired to a transfer switch with a cord and mounted on an outside wall. The option prevents the need of connecting an extension cord to the generator every time.

Outdoor transfer switches

An outdoor transfer switch is built such that it remains protected from the outside weather. It is installed near the main breaker panel.

Maintenance and Testing


Transfer switches have to be installed on a regular basis so as to ensure that you will be provided with power in case you are not connected to the grid any more.

At Smart Power Electric, we have a skilled team which will regularly inspect and maintain your transfer switch. Reach out to use for more information.

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OC Electrician will help you decide a suitable transfer switch by assessing your power requirements, electrical system, and generator. Thanks to our skilled and licensed team, we can install any transfer switch in a safe and secure manner.

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