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Electrical Upgrades

As your family grows bigger and you add more parts to your home, your energy needs may change. If you consume more energy than what your electrical panel can bear, you may expose yourself to risks.

Smart Power Electric offers quality electrical upgrades to ensure that your system is suitable for your energy needs and is based on the latest technology.

We will first assess your energy needs and then inspect your system. Accordingly, we’ll offer you suitable electrical upgrades which will be able to cater to your increased energy demands. While doing so, we will follow all safety codes and other standard regulations to ensure your safety and security.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

Your electrical panel is what connects you to the main power grid, controlling the amount of electricity which is supplied to your home. The grid power flows into your home through this panel, and then branches out to distribute it to your entire house. Upgrading the electrical panel is a complex task which should be left to the professionals.

Call Smart Power Electric at (714) 450-0277 to receive a quote for electrical upgrades in your home.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Panel?

Your panel probably cannot meet your energy needs if you often suffer from an outage, power surge, or intermittent power. All these situations not only cause inconvenience, but can also expose you to risks of electrocution and fire. Plus, if your panel is undergoing strain, your energy consumption will increase, resulting in much higher bills than what you pay right now.

Put an end to the problem by upgrading your panel. Call now at (714) 450-0277 for more information.

You need a new panel upgrade if

  • Your panel is emitting crackling sounds

  • Your panel or the breakers have rusted or corroded

  • Your conductors are suffering from overheating

  • You appliances are not operating at maximum power

  • Your home runs on a 60 ampere electrical service

Our services include


  • Inspecting your electrical system

  • Figuring out your energy requirements

  • Proposing new electrical upgrades

  • Replacing the circuit breaker box

  • Upgrading your electrical panel

  • Surge protection

How Can We Help You Out?

An electrical upgrades is imperative to keeping your house safe from the outages, surges and intermittent power. Contact Smart Power Electric for a free consultation to determine whether your panel is suitable for your energy needs. We will consider your usage, and discuss the different options available to you.

With just a quick inspection, we can also identify the exact power requirements of your home. In fact, we can even predict your future requirements and offer you a solution, which will be compatible with your energy needs for the future.

Get in touch with us at (714) 450-0277 and upgrade your panel today!

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