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Circuit Breakers

Smart Power Electric is a reputed name in the area of Southern California in providing quality circuit breakers installation and repair services.
Thanks to our experienced and skilled technicians, we can take care of all your electrical needs. And while at it, we make your safety our number one priority.


We can install new circuit breakers for you or repair your existing electrical devices. Available 24 hours a day, call as whenever you need us at (714) 450-0277!

What Is A Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker can be regarded as an automatic electrical switch which prevents a circuit from being damaged due to a short circuit or overload. In the simplest of terms, the primary function of a circuit breaker is to detect a fault if it arises. Should this happen, the current flow is interrupted.

Circuit breakers are available in several sizes, ranging from small models that protect a household appliance to switchgear which can protect the circuits providing power to an entire city.


How Is A Circuit Breaker Different From A Fuse?

A circuit breaker has the same function as a fuse, but there is one main difference. A fuse has to be replaced to resume operation, whereas a circuit breaker just has to be reset, which can either be done automatically or manually.

What Services Do We Offer?


Smart Power Electric can install all types of circuit breakers. Right from the start, we’ll give you complete guidance at each step. We’ll first provide you with suitable options and then we’ll figure out the number of circuit breakers you need in your home. All along, we’ll abide by the local regulations and codes, and ensure safe electrical operation in your house.

Contact us at (714) 450-0277 if you want more information about circuit breaker installation.

Replacement and Maintenance

We can also maintain your circuit breakers to prevent minor issues from turning into a huge problem. Should the need arise, we’ll replace your existing devices and install new ones in place.

Find more details by getting in touch with us at (714) 450-0277.

What Types Of Circuit Breakers Can We Deal With?


  • Low voltage circuit breaker

  • Magnetic and thermal magnetic circuit breaker

  • Common trip breaker

  • Medium voltage and high voltage circuit breaker

Is Your Circuit Breaker Continuously Tripping?

A breaker trips continuously if the circuit is loose. Should this be the case in your home, call us right away and we’ll fix it. Please never try to tighten or replace the circuit breaker until you have the required skills and experience. Not abiding by this will expose you to electrocution risk, which can cause a fire.

When Else Should You Call Us?

  • Your circuit breaker is too hot to touch

  • There is a burning smell in your house

  • Your circuit breaker is emitting strange noises

  • Your circuit breaker appears to be burnt

Call us and we will put an end to your continuously tripping breaker and other electrical problems!

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